Practical Maths: Data Handling

Year 5 were challenged to find the mean (average) height of a pupil on their table, extended to the entire class as an additional challenge, recording their information appropriately. This task gave a practical opportunity to apply recently covered data handling skills, while additionally focusing on accurate measurements of standard units and use of calculators.

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Practical Maths: Drawing Quadrilaterals and other 2D shapes

Year 5 were today the set the challenge of accurately drawing a number of 2D shapes on the yard including: a square with 5m sides; an equilateral triangle; a rhombus with an area of 25sq metres. The children were only provided with one piece of chalk, however they were allowed to use any other equipment available to them within the classroom.

This provided the children a practical opportunity to apply their knowledge of the properties of 2D shapes and angles, while focusing on accurate measurements in a collaborative task. This was followed by a short game of addition challenge; providing an enjoyable oppertunity to apply their written addition skills.

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The United Kingdom: Our Global Links

In Geography we are currently learning about the United Kingdom. Today, we discussed the meaning of terms such as interdependence and globalisation, with the aim of developing our understanding of how we are intrinsically linked with other parts of the world. We also discussed terms such as imports and exports.

Firstly, pupils were provided with the opportunity to develop their inquiry skills: discovering how items such as the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the equipment we use, all can come or are manufactured from different countries around the world. This was combined with the opportunity for the children to develop their map skills by identifying each of these countries on a blank world map.

The final outcome of this lesson were wonderful ‘global ties’ maps, showing each individual pupil’s links with the world around them.

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Vocabulary Challenge to Develop Thesauruses Skills

Imagine if there was no ‘e’, ‘m’ or ‘y’ in the alphabet… Well that was the reality for Year 5 today during literacy!

This morning, Year 5 undertook Mr Moss’s vocabulary challenge, where they were asked to re-write sentences as certain letters had been banned yet maintain the same meaning. Pupils were required to use thesauruses to help find synonyms which would replace words which did not comply with the ban, or to develop ambitious ways to describe nouns yet still retain the meaning. For example: if ‘g’ was banned, then a dog could become a household pet which barks.

The pupils found this task thoroughly enjoyable, while helping to develop their vocabulary, thesaurus and ability to describe objects or feelings in a more adventurous nature.

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Viva Brazil!

This morning we enjoyed a wonderful ‘Samba’ workshop, in accordance to our focus on the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil. We learnt all about the history of Samba, including its origins in Portugal; the importance of ‘Samba’ in Brazil and the instruments used. We had the opportunity to produce our own samba music which was exceptional fun.

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History: D-Day Celebrations

Heygreen Green today remembered the brave actions of hundreds of thousands of men, from many nations, on the 6th June 1944: D-Day.

The children were encouraged to dress up as World War 2 evacuees to help bring the day to life. Activities included: a reenactment of a child’s journey to their local train station to be evacuated, 1940’s themed music lessons, producing National Identify cards and developing their understanding of espionage and identifying occupied countries during WW2.

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